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Stephanie Yingyi Wang

Graduate Student
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MPhil., Gender and Sexuality, The University of Hong Kong, 2015
B.A., Economics, Sun Yat-sen University, 2012
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My PhD research project seeks to understand how projects by gender equality NGOs and LGBT rights NGOs aimed at empowering the marginalized become sites of negotiation and contestation in contemporary China. It critically positions NGOs and NGO workers at the conjunction of state policies, market orientations and transnational flows of capital and ideas. My Master thesis looks into cooperative marriage  - an intimate alliance and queer kinship between gay men and lalas (women who love women) in mainland China - its practices and implications for Chinese queer communities.


   Yingyi Wang. (2019). When tongzhi marry: experiments of cooperative marriage between lalas and gay men in urban China. Feminist Studies (45)1, 13-35.

   Yingyi Wang, “Exploring the Contradiction of Cooperative Marriage Between Gay Men and Lalas as a Strategy of Practicing Reproductive Rights in Mainland China." LGBTQ POLICY JOURNAL at Harvard Kennedy School 5(2014-2015):73-78.

  Yingyi Wang, “The Study of Cooperative marriage: gay men and lala’s motivation towards marriage”, China Youth Study (2014):14-18.

    Yingyi Wang, Sik Ying Ho, “Book review: Shanghai Lalas: Female Tongzhi Communities and Politics in Urban China”, China Information 28(2014):113-114.