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Shirley Yee. "The 'women' in Women's Studies," published in differences: a journal of feminist cultural studies (Fall 1997) (actually appeared in Fall 1998).

Publications, Essays Women, Gender, Culture, Feminist Theory

Michelle Habell-Pallán. "No Cultural Icon: Marisela Norte." Women Transforming Politics. Kathy Jones,
Cathy Cohen, and Joan Tronto, eds. New York: New York University Press, 1997. 256-268.

Publications, Essays Latino/a Studies, Literature

Priti Ramamurthy. "Rural Women and Irrigation: Patriarchy, Class, and the Modernizing State in South India," in Women Working the Environment, edited by Carolyn Sachs, New York & London, Taylor and Francis, 1997.

Publications, Essays Indian, Class, Gender, Women

Michelle Habell-Pallán. "Family and Sexuality in Recent Chicano Performance: Luis Alfaro's Memory Plays." Ollantáy
Theater Journal (vol. 5, no. 1, 1996): 33-42.

Publications, Essays Performance Studies, Chicana/o

Shirley Yee. "Gender Ideology and Black Women as Community-Builders in Ontario, 1850-70," Canadian Historical Review, LXXV (1994).

Publications, Essays African American, Women of Color, Community, Gender

Shirley Yee. Black Women Abolitionists: A Study in Activism, 1828-60. The University of Tennessee Press, 1992.

Publications, Books African American, Women of Color, Activism, Women, History
Allison, C., Jacobs, Sue-Ellen, & Porter, Mary A. (1989). Winds of change : Women in Northwest commercial fishing. Seattle: University of Washington Press. Publications, Books Labor, Women
Jacobs, S. (1974). Women in perspective: A guide for cross-cultural studies. Urbana: University of Illinois Press. Publications, Books Women
“GLOSSOLALIA: Lucille Clifton’s Creative Technologies of Becoming.” In Black Bodies and Transhuman Realities: Scientifically Modifying the Black Body in Posthuman Literature and Culture, edited by Melvin G. Hill, 133–49. Lanham: Lexington Books. Publications, Essays African American, Biotechnology, Body, Digital Arts, Experimental, Feminist Theory, Literary Criticism, Poetry and Poetics, Theory/Criticism, Women of Color
"'Girl in a Coma' Tweets Chicanafuturism: New Media and Archivista Praxis” Altermundos: Latin@ Speculative Literature, Film, and Popular Culture. Eds. Catherine J. Merla-Watson and B.V. Olguin.  UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center Press: Distributed by University of Washington Press.  2017. Publications, Essays Chicana/o, Decolonial, Music, Public Scholarship, Science and Technology, Women of Color
Kenney, N. J. and McGowan, M. L.  Egg donation compensation: ethical and legal challenges.  Medicolegal and Biothics, 2014, 4, 15-24. Publications, Essays Bioethics, Body, Medicine, Motherhood, Reproduction, Science and Technology, Women
WSQ (Women Studies Quarterly)Special Issue, Fall 2015 The 1970sGuest Editors: Shelly Eversley and Michelle Habell-Pallán Publications, Editions Activism, Collaboration, Feminism, Race and Ethnicity, Sexuality, Social Change, Women of Color

Michelle Habell-Pallán, Marisol Berrios-Miranda and Shannon Dudley. American Sabor: Latina/os in U.S. Pop Music. Austin: UT Press, under contract.

Publications, Books Music, Popular Music, American, Latino/a Studies

Michelle Habell-Pallán. Beat Migration: Translating/Transforming "American" Pop Music for the Digital Humanities. In progress.

Publications, Books Music, Popular Music, American, Latino/a Studies, Chicana/o, Digital Humanities

Michelle Habell-Pallán, Sonnet Retman, and Angelica Macklin. "Women Who Rock: Making Scenes, Building Communities: Participatory Research, Community
Engagement, and Archival Practice" in NANO: New American Notes Online. Issue 5. Special Theme:
Digital Humanities, Public Humanities. In press.

Publications, Essays Women, Community, Archives

Michelle Habell-Pallán. Rock the Archive: Making Scenes, Building Communities--the Possibilities and Limits of Critical Digital Humanites. In progress.

Publications, Books Archives, Community, Digital Humanities, Critical Theory, Music

McGowan, M. L., & Kenney, N. J. Egg donors’ knowledge of donation outcomes and attitudes towards disposition of their eggs. In preparation.

Publications Reproduction