Sex in Transition book cover
Cocoa by Kristy Leissle
Critical Transnational Feminist Praxis, Swarr and Nagar
C/LB images
Routledge Handbook of Gender in South Asia
Creating Across Cultures: Women in the Arts from China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan


Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Dismantling Assumptions: Interrogating 'Lesbian' Struggles for Identity and Survival in India and South Africa (2004) Amanda Lock Swarr Queer Studies, African, Indian
C/LB images Cruel/Loving Bodies Exhibit Catalog (2004) Sasha Su-Ling Welland Art, Chinese, Feminism, Gender, Politics of Representation, Transnational
Why is buying a 'madras' cotton shirt a political act?: A feminist commodity chain Analysis (2004) Priti Ramamurthy Political Economy, Feminist Theory
Soy Punkera, y Qué?: Sexuality, Nation, and Punk (2004) Michelle Habell-Pallán Popular Music, Sexuality, American, Latino/a Studies
Being Between (2003) American, Race and Ethnicity, Social Justice
Take One: Cruel/Loving Bodies (2003) Art, Chinese, Feminism, Gender, Transnational
Rape Victims in the (Gender) Neutral Zone: The Assimilation of Resistance? (2003) Pat Novotny Transgender Studies, Violence and Trauma, Sexuality, Gender
Material Consumers, Fabricating Subjects: Perplexity, global discourses, and transnational feminist research practices (2003) Priti Ramamurthy Transnational, Feminist Theory
Marisela Norte, NORTE/word (2003) Michelle Habell-Pallán Latino/a Studies, Literature
Long March to Lugu Lake (2002) Anthropology, Art, Chinese, Feminism, Gender, Transnational, Women
Superlawyers, Truth, Justice and the American Way (2002) Pat Novotny Law and Political Thought, American
Latina/o Popular Culture (2002) Michelle Habell-Pallán Popular Culture, Latino/a Studies
Learning to be an Anthropologist and remaining "Native": selected writings (2001) Sue-Ellen Jacobs American Indian/Native American, Anthropology
Yours, Mine, Ours? Property Interests of Unmarried Couples (2001) Pat Novotny Queer Studies, Law and Political Thought, American
The Politics of Women's Studies: Testimony from Thirty Founding Mothers (2000) Sue-Ellen Jacobs Feminism, Women
Indexing Alternatives: Feminist Development Studies and Global Political Economy (2000) Priti Ramamurthy Political Economy, Feminist Theory
Way Out Performance: An Interview with Marga Gomez (2000) Michelle Habell-Pallán Latino/a Studies, Performance Studies
The Cotton Commodity Chain, Women, Work, and Agency in India and Japan: The Case for Feminist Agro-food Systems Research (2000) Priti Ramamurthy Indian, Japanese, Political Economy, Women, Labor
El Vez is "Taking Care of Business" (1999) Michelle Habell-Pallán Chicana/o, Popular Music, Culture
Same Sex Marriage: The State of the Law (1998) Pat Novotny Queer Studies, Law and Political Thought, American
Inventing the Savage: The Social Construction of American Criminality (1998) Luana Ross American, Culture, Crime and Criminality
The "women" in Women's Studies (1997) Shirley J. Yee Women, Gender, Culture, Feminist Theory
Finding a Place: Mary Ann Shadd Cary and the Dilemmas of Black Migration to Canada, 1850-70. (1997) Shirley J. Yee African American, Immigration, Women of Color
No Cultural Icon: Marisela Norte (1997) Michelle Habell-Pallán Latino/a Studies, Literature
Rural Women and Irrigation: Patriarchy, Class, and the Modernizing State in South India (1997) Priti Ramamurthy Indian, Class, Gender, Women